HTC Exodus Blockchain Phone launched

HTC Exodus Blockchain Phone launched

Ever wondered what’s next for these smartphones? looks like it is Blockchain. HTC Exodus, which is the ‘Native Blockchain Phone’ will be launched on October 22. HTC has announced its working on the futuristic Blockchain-based phone from the past few months, and the company has named it as HTC Exodus.

The teaser didn’t reveal much about the details, but we’ll have to wait longer to find how HTC’s blockchain phone will work. The Blockchain Phone is likely to support cryptocurrencies like “Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and more.

HTC Exodus is however not the world’s first blockchain phone, since the Switzerland-based Sirin Labs released the world’s first commercial blockchain phone naming it Finney. Also, the Singapore-based Pundi X also announced the blockchain-based OS and communication protocol for mobile devices……….Read More>>


Source:- gadgetgogi